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We understand the importance of building relationships.

The relationships you have with your vendors play an important role in your business operations and cash flow.  Not paying a vendor on time can have serious repercussions. Our process doesn’t involve signing cheques and mailing them. Instead, we use the power of technology to issue payments that keep you in control by approving payments before money leaves your bank.


Writing cheques is a thing of the past that wastes precious time. By using up-to-date effective payment processing methods you will get time back to spend growing your business. We achieve this by leveraging FinTech apps to prepare vendor payments for your approval. In the click of a button you can quickly see what vendors you are paying with related source documents and have the option to pay now or later. 

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How do you process payments without cheques?
We make vendor payments simple by leveraging technology. You are in control of your money at all times. Our role is to prepare payments for vendors for you to approve digitally. No cheques required.

Can I approve payments before they're processed?
Yes! You are always in control of your money.

Can you pay my taxes too?
Absolutely! We can use FinTech to remit payroll withholding amounts, workers compensation, employer health tax, corporate taxes etc.!

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