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Finding a calling with Practice Ignition

The new year bell rang and with that, a vibe was sent through to the very soul that forced me to realize that I needed to do more.

My ego chiming in quickly to say, girl, you got 3 kids and a business. Plus those cats are really sassy and need you to cater to their every need. Oh, and the dog needs to be walked too! Are you crazy?

Perhaps. But what I needed was a creative outlet. Though I love working with clients, balancing to zero every day isn't that riveting for me after 14 years in practice. I knew I needed to write. To speak. To share my knowledge for the betterment of my industry peers and small business owners.

I wanted to soar and work in a team environment without ego with stellar leadership and culture.

After several months of soul searching, I located what I already had. A relationship with Practice Ignition.

My first week of being Head of Accounting AMER for Canada resembled being tossed into a hurricane of topics due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was called to my new role as Head of Accounting, AMER (CA) at just the right time. To help without ego. To care without critiquing. To share what I've learned to help accounting professionals tackle this economic challenge.

Almost 3 weeks into this position, I feel a great deal of confidence that accounting professionals can make it through this storm by embracing social learning.

I heard from you. Your fears, listened to you cry, and perhaps heard a few F-bombs in our conversations. That's ok. Being frustrated is natural during these unprecedented times.

But I know you. I know you are strong. After all you reconcile for a living. That's not for the faint of heart. You work magic in Excel, you orchestrate migrations. You have value.

In closing, I want to thank you for embracing my new role with Practice Ignition. I look forward to helping you and develop ways to streamline workflows for your practice and mine.

Be safe, be kind, be you,

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