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How To Get Bookkeeping Clients

using Practice Ignition to increase your average client revenue

Are you struggling to get new clients for your service business? Practice Ignition can help. I’m going to break down how I use Practice Ignition in my firm and show why the software is a great way to find new clients quickly (and more affordably!) than any other marketing strategy I've tried. In fact, Practice Ignition has helped to grow my average client revenue by 47% just this year!

Keep reading to learn

• Top tips to selling your services virtually

• How Practice Ignition can work with your website

• How to decide which of Practice Ignitions three packages which one will be the right fit for your accounting firm

Tips to selling your services virtually

As accounting professionals, we are constantly faced with changes in technology, compliance, and our clients’ needs. It can be difficult to build a customer-centric proposal for a prospective client when we are overtaxed with many practice responsibilities. Over the years I have found a few best practices that have been useful for selling virtually and creating amazing proposals and customer experience with Practice Ignition.

First, always start with having an in-depth conversation with a prospective client, preferably virtually using a platform like Zoom to give the client a feeling they are meeting you face to face.

It is a good practice to ask that the conversation be recorded so you can spend more time speaking with the client instead of taking accurate notes. Test your digging skills and strive to uncover what they value by allowing them to communicate what isn’t working in their current engagement or technology setup. It is best practice to take some time to reflect on what they are saying and repeat it back so that the client knows that you understand their pain points. You can then follow up after the call with an email that briefly summarizes what was discussed and that engagement from Practice Ignition will be forthcoming.

I like to encourage my prospects to ask questions about the engagement directly within Practice Ignition for a quicker response.

How Practice Ignition works with your website

Practice Ignition is more than a replacement for creating your engagements in Microsoft Word. The platform also includes features that will help you to be more productive and save you valuable time in the long run!

It all starts with how we deliver Practice Ignition's powerful cloud-based solution: When it comes down to taking care of business at any given moment - whether it's an edit or engagement proposal submission - there are many tasks involved from beginning till end result; but what if those steps could be condensed?

Practice Ignition is a solution for your firm's proposals. Make proposal creation easy while also providing your clients with an amazing client experience. Practice Ignition boasts features like custom templates that will save you time, embedded video (you can add videos from Loom, YouTube, or Vimeo right from within the online document!), and the ability to add in a customer brochure to help sell your services further. Your Clients will love their experience. Don’t be surprised if you hear "I loved this proposal!"

Our clients love the features in Practice Ignition that allow them to customize their proposal to suit their needs even giving them the option to include an explainer video. Combine this functionality which can be visually appealing with ease-to-use tools such as uploadable brochures or other documents. We offer three options to our clients which have shown to be a great upselling tool and a way to tailor specifically to your client’s budget! The seamless integration with QuickBooks Online makes it so you’ll never have trouble sending invoices - plus we also take care of secure payment processing.

But what does Practice Ignition do for your firm?

Practice Ignition helps you keep your practice organized and compliant while making it easy for clients to engage in professional services.

Practice Ignition ensures that you are in control of your work. The software will connect with Project Management platforms such as Karbon and Intuit Practice Manager to ensure what has been contracted stays within scope, which is vital when it comes down to time management! Recently Practice Ignition integrated with Gusto to enhance your people advisory skills by minimizing payroll scope creeps with headcount directly connected to the payroll platform. In the world of business, scope creep affects everyone. The slow increase of services can be a huge detriment to your bottom line. The importance of always being paid for the work you do is underscored when you use financial technology like Practice Ignition. Practice Ignition gives you tools to collect in a compliant way while also ensuring that you are paid every time. This aspect of the software helps you to stay within budget and on task with your projects.

Practice Ignition offers the perfect way to sell your services online with their built-in Web Connector (Professional and Scale plan only). With this feature, you can now be an eCommerce Shopify of accounting professionals!

Don't just take our word for it - check out! You'll find three packages that help clients get an idea of the bookkeeping services we offer, and when they select "get started" on your Practice Ignition web connector pops up as a pop-up so you can gather more information from them before formalizing any proposals with us

The Practice Ignition Web Connector will automatically notify practice owners about follow-ups once website visitors input basic details like their contact info, package of preference and maybe select a few other options they want to be added to their service package.

Tip: Practice Ignition has native integration with Zapier (a tool that allows different platforms to talk to one another through ‘zaps’ which are magical behind-the-scenes automation). Through this connection, we have been able to capture our leads with their unique record and push the contact details to our MailChimp account. This process allows us to keep an active list of current and prospective clients and nurture them with our marketing campaigns.

In order to stay on top of the game, it's important to maintain an active list of clients. One way we maintain our active list of clients is by capturing leads from Practice Ignition’s Web Connector by creating a ‘zap’ to push new contact details to MailChimp. This automation ensures there aren't any gaps when it comes time to direct a marketing campaign to our leads or keep clients informed of any changes that may impact their business.

I’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tutorials that Practice Ignitions has created to help you get your firm's website up and running in no time with Web Connector! The Moore Details team has found these resources on how-to video lessons, best practices, and other ways to customize the web connector experience extremely useful.

Web Connector Overview

Embedding Services Into Your Website using Web Connectors

Customizing Web Connector Optional Services Page

Finalizing Proposals From A Web Connector

How to Notify Your Team of a New Proposal From Web Connector

Ready to get started? Check out this nifty website that will walk you through the entire proposal process.

Three packages for your accounting firm

You've been looking for a way to expand your accounting firm, but aren’t sure which platform is for you? Practice Ignition offers three subscription packages to choose from. The Starter plan is great if you are a brand new firm that is still establishing its foundation, the Professional plan is designed for firms that are looking to grow and scale their business and the Scale plan is for well-established companies looking to engagement their large client base. Learn more here.

*prices are subject to change without notice. Refer to the Practice Ignition website.

Practice Ignition allows me to communicate easily with my clients. I can send them messages, ask for feedback and create a personal relationship with each client! Because of Practice Ignition, I have been able to increase my average revenue per customer by 47% this year alone. If that wasn’t enough of an ROI, I have also saved a ton of time as a result of how smoothly the software allows my process to run (often in the background!).

Since implementing Practice Ignition I have extra time that allows me to focus on building relationships with existing clients instead of trying to find new ones. This means more referrals are coming in without any additional effort from me!

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