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My business partner is also my Husband

"Brian I just can't take this anymore. I'm going to die in this cubicle farm if I stay here" the words rolling out of my mouth while working for a automotive manufacturing company. Our industry was in a recession with multiple layoffs. The hay day of automotive manufacturing was over. I was being overworked. Expected to do more as people were laid off one by one. Expected to do a job well, without training, or see my head next on the chopping block.

Now inserting the voice of reason from Brian Moore.

"Just hang in there. We'll figure something out. Remember Natasha, our new born daughter and the mortgage we have?"

Guilt was setting in, but I JUST KNEW that I could not survive another month in this soul sucking environment with no guarantee for the future. If it is going to be a crap shoot. Then I wanted it to be me running the risks. Not my current employer. With no BP (business plan) or clients I drafted up my resignation letter and handed it to the grumpy Controller boss which I found the words "Stick It" rolling of my tongue.

I was now free in 2 weeks. The count down was on to get money in the house and chip in to support my family. We didn't fair well during the layoffs. We both worked for the same employer. Luckily my husband found another job to avoid a sinking ship and provide some security to our little family. It wasn't an ideal job, but money was deposited into our bank account every other Friday. We were in a pickle. And I just put the lid on the jar.

It became my sole mission over the next 8 years to build a small town bookkeeping practice called Moore Details with my husband supporting me along the way. We grew our family from 1 daughter to 3 in five years. I call those the crazy times. Believe me with postpartum depression, it was no picnic for either of us. Brian was and still is the rock that kept everything together as Moore Details grew along with our girls.

Then a new baby was born, and that was cloud accounting. It totally revolutionized HOW I could do things for myself and my clients. I found myself smack dab in the same situation as when I quit my manufacturing job. Something had to change. Good onsite desktop clients paying secure recurring revenue had to go. We were changing again, adapting & surviving. The voice of reason from Brian was different this time.

"You've got this Jennie, you've succeeded before, you'll succeed again. Do whats right for your business. Not someone else's".

Bam! It took just over a year but my desktop clients either converted to the cloud or were referred to another bookkeeper.

But the evolution of a bookkeeping practice is never over. One year ago I decided it was time for a major change. We needed a stronger accounting platform to take on our complex client needs. We were heavily branded in one rather dominant solution. I was scared. Scared that I needed to do what was best for my clients, scared of what others would think if I went outside of the tribe, just plain freaking scared!

Brian's voice of reason was more straight forward this time.

"Do It! Change! You don't owe anybody an explanation of what YOU do in your business."

We restructured our practice and Brian became a partner. His role fits him perfectly. He's a Guardian according to his personality test. But his official title is Strategic Partner. He's in charge of operations and sniffs out risks both in engagements and the technology we use. His focus is to ensure our image is strong, that our workflows are tight and frankly that we get stuff done. You'll find Brian working in remote locations like a coffee shop or perhaps a pub.

So how is it working with my husband? Great actually. But I won't lie. I'm a fiercely tenacious women. So naturally we don't work side by side and it helps that Brian still has a secure day job to keep health benefits and our retirement funded. We work damn hard virtually. That way I don't get annoyed by his computer mouse clicking and he doesn't get offended with the colourful language I use.

It can be hard keeping business talk to a minimum since I work from home. We typically only discuss business in my office or on the side porch. Which allows us to focus on our 3 amazing daughters outside of those environments.

I'm no longer scared of change. I have a supporting husband by my side to embrace the vision I have for Moore Details Inc. moving forward. We go together like peanut butter (because I'm nutty) and jelly (because I bounce ideas off of him).

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